Central Heating Boiler Repairs

If your boiler has broken down we can help. We have over 25 years of experience dealing with all types and makes of gas boiler. We specialise in Vaillant & Worcester boilers.

We only ever carry out the work that’s needed. Free estimates and no call out charge within working hours – nothing hidden, nothing unnecessary. This ensures that your boiler repair costs are kept to a minimum, without sacrificing the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of your boiler.
Costs vary from job to job, so please contact me and describe the problem. I can then arrange a visit and advise on the work that’s needed and the cost.

Signs your boiler may need repairing:

It’s always good to be on the lookout for any signs your boiler’s health is declining and may need repairing. These tips are just some of the things to look out for. If you’re concerned, then contact me, I’d be happy to help.

  • Cold radiators or water.
  • Need to continually bleed radiators.
  • Strange or unusual noises (e.g. humming, whirring, clunking)
  • Pilot light repeatedly going out, or burner flames yellow (not blue).

Our team will always carry out an initial assessment to determine the problem, what repair work is needed and the cost and timescale for repair.

Boiler Servicing

It’s highly recommended by all leading boiler manufacturers and gas engineers that your boiler is serviced on an annual basis. This ensures that your boiler is safe, efficient, and prolongs its lifespan.

Regular maintenance also means there is less chance of a breakdown which can be costly… and often occurs at absolutely the wrong time! Plus, if you have an extended guarantee on your boiler, ensures that you remain covered for all parts and labour for the period of the warranty.

What’s included in a gas boiler service?

  • A visual check to ensure your boiler still meets current standards and is safe.
  • Boiler fired to identify any working faults.
  • Boiler casing removed to check all main boiler components.
  • Checks to ensure flue terminals are unobstructed and internal flue components are sealed properly.
  • A test is carried out to check that the burner is combusting efficiently and properly.
  • Inside casing surfaces cleaned.
  • Boiler parts, burner and heat exchanger cleaned if necessary.
  • Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no leaks.
  • Boiler casing put back on – check that properly sealed.
  • You should receive a service report that shows everything the engineer has done to maintain your boiler.

If you have any questions with regards to how to keep your boiler functioning I’d be more than happy to assist!

Boiler Installation

If you need a new central heating system or a replacement boiler then please give us a call.
We can install new boilers from a wide-range of manufacturers, including Vailent and Worcester. we are more than happy to offer guidance on which boiler is best for your home. We have been providing this service for over 25 years, so we promise your heating and hot water is in safe hands.

Whether your old system has broken down, or you want to upgrade to a more reliable energy efficient model, I’m here to help with your new boiler installation.

The services we offer include:

  • New boiler installations.
  • Upgrades or repairs to existing units.
  • Additions/amendments to your central heating system.
  • Any additional work (e.g. moving your boiler).
  • Replacement hot water cylinders, boilers pump etc.
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Include the appliance on the Gas Safe Register

We like to keep costs as affordable as possible by supplying new boilers that offer value for money, with no skimping on quality, reliability or efficiency. Modern condensing boilers improve efficiency to over 90%, which could reduce your home heating bills.

Please contact FGR Plumbing & Heating for further information, friendly advice, and to discuss your requirements.

Power Flushing

Power flushing is a great way to help your central heating system work at its optimum level.
A power flush is simply a process that gives your central heating system a thorough internal clean and usually improves the central heating system’s performance;

Over time heating systems may experience poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build up.
By ‘power flushing’ your heating system, the sludge and built up residue will be removed which will make your system work more efficiently.

It’s good practice to flush through your system every so often as it helps with:

  • Improved circulation of your central heating radiators.
  • Eliminate cold spots from your radiators.
  • Removes harmfully elements going through your boiler.
  • Prolongs the overall life span of your boiler.
  • Cleans out your heating system.

How does Power Flushing Work?

Because the water in a central heating system is always pumped in the same direction, iron filings, sludge, oil and grease build up within each radiator in your system. This has a detrimental effect on the efficiency of both your radiators and your boiler and your whole central heating system, which could reduce its life expectancy.

When a system is professionally power flushed, the system is flushed in different directions, agitating the sludge and debris, so the system can be drained of the deposits. When flushing the system, special chemicals are used to ensure the breakdown of the sludge inside the system, prior to the deposits being removed.

Unvented systems

Unvented systems are perfect for homeowners that are unhappy with the water pressure in their home. They allow much better flow rates, improving the performance of your shower, bath and other hot water outlets. Good for use in large property’s.

What is an unvented system?

The main difference between a vented and unvented system is that it has an unvented hot water cylinder. This is fed directly from the cold mains water feed, and therefore can deliver hot water at main pressure. Which is great for improving the performance of your shower or bath. Plus, you do not need to install a cold water tank in your loft, like you do with a vented system, saving you much needed loft space.